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Milestones of history


August 17, 1947 – the USSR Council of Ministers issued the directive № 11131-р to establish in Ust-Kamenogorsk the Altai branch of non-ferrous metallurgy design institute “Giprotsvetmet” (Moscow) – “Altaigiprotsvetmet” (AGTM) – in order to enhance development of the richest deposits of East Kazakhstan (Rudny Altai) and Siberia that were essential for the country in post-war years.
December 13, 1947 – the USSR Ministry of non-ferrous metallurgy issued the directive № 425 to allocate operating funds to support Altaigiprotsvetmet activities.
February 28, 1948 – Sergeyev Nikolai Nikolayevich, head of Tekeliyskiy mine – a talented mining engineer and intelligent manager, was assigned the Director of Altaigiprotsvetmet (directive № 63/К for Head Office of “Glavtsinksvinets” of the USSR MNFM).
April 1948 – preparatory activities were completed: Premises in Ust-Kamenogorsk zinc plant (UKZP) office building were allocated and equipped; dormitory was erected for designers; Group of Giprotsvetmet experienced engineers was sent from Moscow to Altaigiprotsvetmet (V.V. Yakimchik, G.Y. Chechet, A.S. Aktachinskiy et al.).
April 12, 1948 – Altaigiprotsvetmet commenced its productive activities. Experienced Moscowites assisted engineers-beginners to become intelligent designers. A big creative team grew out of a dozen of first enthusiasts. N.N. Sergeyev invited to AGTM best graduates and production engineers from many cities of the Soviet Union. The majority of them dedicated their lives to designing and became the founders of glorious labor dynasties of AGTM.
From the very beginning, Altaigiprotsvetmet became a serious and reputable partner for the companies that was able to fulfill orders for designing any complex facilities. The team was rapidly growing and it actively introduced researches of industry-based research & development institute named “VNIItsvetmet” established in Ust-Kamenogorsk in 1950 and other R&DIs into production.
November 1955 – Altaigiprotsvetmet was relocated to the building at 156 Voroshilov st. erected in 1954 as per the design by Altaigiprotsvetmet. (The KazSSR Ministry of non-ferrous metallurgy located in this building was moved to Almaty). In the following years, with the development of AGTM, this building was extended with new three-, four- and six-storey buildings with conference hall, canteen and gym. By 1985, the AGTM area increased from 1,6 ths.sq.m to 20 ths.sq.m.
July 25, 1956 – Altaigiprotsvetmet was converted into Kazakhstan state institute for designing non-ferrous metallurgy companies “Kazgiprotsvetmet” (KGCM) with its branch in Almaty (directive № 339 of the USSR MNFM). In 1956, KGCM involved 12 departments with its staff of 484 employees.
1956 -1966 – Kazgiprotsvetmet staff increased up to 1000 employees. Based on a range of KGCM subdivisions, the following special-purpose design organizations were established: “Kazmekhanobr”, “Kazgiprokhimmash” – in Almaty, and “VostokGIIZ”, “Vostokoblselproekt” – in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Besides, many KGCM specialists were promoted to higher positions in ministries and other major companies.
In 1966m Kazgiprotsvetmet was approved as the head design institute for lead and zinc segment of the USSR non-ferrous metallurgy. By that time, KGCM successfully fulfilled orders for design works for companies not only in East Kazakhstan region but also for other regions of Kazakhstan and Russia.
In 1971, Lustin Aleksandr Petrovich, chief project engineer of KGCM, experienced mining engineer, was assigned the director of Kazgiprotsvetmet. N.N. Sergeyev left the company for well-deserved rest but did not lose contact with the team, he shared his wide experience until the last days of his life (1988). On his initiative, in 1985, by the 40th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the history and production museum of Kazgiprotsvetmet was established.
In 1979, Kazgiprotsvetmet was approved as the head institute for mechanization of heavy and labor-intensive works in the industry. Based on KGCM’s designs and cutting-edge technologies and high-performance machinery, dozens of major mining, metallurgical companies and machine-building plants of the USSR were constructed. Moreover, KGCM’s designs were implemented in companies of Cuba, Italia, Bolivia.
Kazgiprotsvetment was the first and for a long time the only design institute in the city and republic, therefore it developed projects not only for industrial but also for civil facilities: airport, TV broadcasting center (the first among regional centers), hospitals, higher education institutions, schools, dwelling houses, greenhouses, frontier posts, bridges, roads, etc. And nowadays, KGCM’s specialists successfully develop project both for industrial and architectural & urban planning facilities.


In 90s – years of establishing the independent Republic of Kazakhstan – the Government put high hopes on the experienced team of design engineers by assigning Kazgiprotsvetmet to develop measures for stabilization of production activities and further development of industrial companies of the country.
In 1992, Kazgiprotsvetmet was approved as the head design institute for lead and zinc, copper, titanium, manganese and tin sectors of non-ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan.
In 1995, in accordance with new RK legislation KGCM was given the State construction license for design and survey, expert works and engineering services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In 1996, Kazgiprotsvetmet was approved as the head design institute for non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, gold-mining and machine building industries as well as rare and precious metal and wares production;
In 1998, it was approved as the head design institute for mining and metallurgy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In 2000, Tokan Zhakiyanovich Chaizhunusov, Meritorious Builder of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who had 30-years’ experience in managing major construction organizations in the region, was elected as KGCM President. Talented and visionary leader inspired people by his energy and enthusiasm, faith in successful economic revitalization of the country. Having overcome all the difficulties of economic reforms, Kazgiprotsvetmet started to re-augment its technical and human resource potential. The team honorably got through Governmental assignments to elaborate business development schemes. Jointly with companies, it proceeded to create efficient projects of technical upgrading and expansion of productions.


In 2000-2016, projects of polymetallic, chrome, iron ore, bauxite, phosphorite deposit development were created and implemented. Kazakhstan Mint was constructed; automobile factory – Kazakhstan’s pride – is being constructed. KGCM also developed projects for Russian Copper Company, Russian Platinum, Norilsk Nickel and other industrial giants of Russia.
In 2000 KGCM’s license was amended with a right to design coal industry enterprises.
In 2002 a license was obtained enabling to perform design and survey work in the Russian Federation.
In 2004 a license was obtained for environmental design and standardization.
In 2004 KGCM adopted and certified a quality management system according to ISО 9001:2000.
In 2006 a license was obtained enabling to perform design and survey work in the Ukraine.
In 2007 a license was obtained enabling to perform design and survey work in Kyrgyzstan.
In 2008-2009 the number of clients decreased as the result of the world financial crisis. However, under the guidance of the experienced leader a close-knit team of KGCM managed to maintain stability and quickly recover and then exceed the pre-crisis amount of design and survey work. KGCM continued to expand its scope of services in close cooperation with owners - large enterprises and developers of advance technologies, and leading companies of Kazakhstan, former Soviet Union countries and far abroad countries.
In 2008 the company entered into Strategic Cooperation Agreements with Outotec company (Finland) and other foreign companies in the following years.
In 2009 a license was obtained to design facilities of petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas processing industries.
In 2009 KGCM obtained ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System compliance certificates.
In 2010 KGCM was granted a license to design nuclear facilities. In 2010 Kazgiprotsvetmet joined the Professional Organization of Designers, Sverdlovky oblast, Russia.
In 2011 KGCM was granted a license to develop industrial safety declarations.
In 2011 a license was obtained enabling to provide expert and engineering services in architectural, town planning and construction industry.
In 2013 the company obtained Domestic Supplier of Goods and Services Certificate.
In 2013 KGCM was acknowledged by Certificate of Acknowledgement as active participant of the Register of Fair Suppliers of RK subsurface users and Unified Register of Potential Goods and Services Vendors of Sovereign Wealth Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC.
In December 2014 following the reconstruction of the company performed upon the initiative of KGCM president T. Chaizhunussov a museum of Kazgiprotsvetmet was founded to celebrate Kazakhstan’s First President’s Day and Kazakhstan Independence Day.
In 2014 the “National Business Rating” International Rating Union acknowledged Kazgiprotsvetmet by the Industry Leader certificate and For Best quality medal.
In 2016 Kazgiprotsvetmet, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and the Kazakh-Korean Technology Cooperation Center founded an International Industrial and Innovation Consortium. The operation of the Consortium is organized and coordinated by the Research and Innovations Center of KGCM.
In 2016 KGCM quality management system passed a recertification audit of compliance with ISO 9001 international standards.
In 2016 the “National Business Rating” International Rating Union acknowledged Kazgiprotsvetmet by the Industry Leader certificate and For Best quality medal. In 2016 the “National Business Rating” International Rating Union awarded a title of Leader of the Year to Tokan Chaizhunussov, the president of Kazgiprotsvetmet.
Currently the company operates 20 structural units that employ over 500 specialists of different fields of activity. An experienced and highly professional team develops innovative projects which have no analogues in the world, solves environmental and safety issues, on a regular basis expands the scope of its services in non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy and other industries. Many projects designed by KGCM in such fields as chemical industry, coke production and car manufacturing have been built in Kazakhstan for the first time. A number of modern projects have been developed for Russian enterprises. For more details about the company projects see the relevant section.
Since its foundation KGCM has persistently developed both its services and social sphere of the company. The company is constantly modernized and the employees’ skills upgraded. KGCM offer prospects for professional growth and favorable conditions of work and rest, pay attention to labor and the Great Patriotic War veterans (KGCM employs over 260 aged workers). The staff of the company headed by the president provides charity support to people in need, disabled and orphans and makes contribution to education, health care, culture and sport.
Achievements of Kazgiprotsvetmet have been acknowledged by Diplomas and Letters of Thanks of the Kazakhstan President, Government and Parliament, governmental and non-governmental organizations and good references from clients. All the achievements and success result from the many years of responsible efforts of multiple generations of talented dedicated design engineers, scientists and design development managers.
A multinational friendly team realizes the importance of its tasks trying to preserve and enhance the traditions of continuity of generations and labor dynasties, a special atmosphere of intelligence and understanding. It boasts a rich history of Kazgiprotsvetmet, which is reflected in the unique museum pieces. Young specialists properly continue this proud history. For more details about the staff and social sphere of the company see the relevant section.
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