Казгипроцветмет - Social responsibility
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Social responsibility

   The main treasure and condition of success of any company is the people, their professionalism, unity and mutual understanding. That is why a priority of KGCM’s management is a constant concern for people. Good conditions of work and leisure, comfort psychological climate, the atmosphere of intelligence, determination and mutual respect are provided at Institute.
   Prospects of professional growth, increase of specialist qualification, moral motivation and financial incentives of work quality and performance are also provided at Institute. The best graduates are given employment. Under guidance of experienced mentors the recent graduates are adopting the subtle aspects of responsible engineering, and are rapidly grow in professionalism and career. Traditions of intergenerational continuity and labor dynasties are kept and multiplied. Care for Institute’s labor veterans, veterans of World War II and homefront workers is provided.
   Meetings of staff and management of departments to discuss the results of work and future development of Institute, meetings with veterans, representatives of state and public organizations, festive events.
   At the area of more than 20 thousand cubic meters the repairs, reconstruction and modern equipment of the offices, computer workstations were performed, meeting rooms, assembly hall and gym, Transport Park, carpenter workshop, canteen, health clinic, museum are located.
   Museum displays the milestones of glorious history of KGCM, the abundance of mineral resources of Kazakhstan, contribution of many generations of designing engineers into establishment and development of mining, metallurgical and other industries of former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries. Museum plays a major part in introduction of Kazgiprotvetmet’s business partners to its long-term productive activity, fostering in resent graduates the pride for involvement in common creative labor and the responsibility for keeping the high standard of KGCM.
   Significant labor achievements are the basis of festive mood! Our united work family is always together during both weekdays and holidays. For staff, veterans and guests of KGCM in a beautiful, refreshed, light assembly hall conducted are the conducted are the celebrations of State holidays, unforgettable New Year’s Eves, concerts of leading artists of Kazakhstan and East-Kazakhstan oblast, plays of regional drama theater. Bright, cheerful festive activities create excellent mood and inspire for further collaborative work.
    A sound mind in a sound body! Interesting and active leisure brings along the creative energy and physical fitness!
   KGCM gym facilitates the volleyball court, tennis court and a weight room. Staff and members of their families participate in activities of Health department as well as sport departments. KGCM conducts volleyball championships, regional chess, checks and toguz kumalak competitions, to honor memory of hero of socialist labor, honored teacher of Kazakhstan, People's Teacher of the USSR Chaizhunussov Zhakya Chaizhunussovich and other types of competitions.
    In canteen “Serbian” that is located within the building of KGCM, the equipment is updated, modern interior is created. Experienced staff of canteen provide various food for KGCM employees during the lunch time, conduct festive banquets, delly, provide the special orders from families.
   Also for convenience of KGCM staff within its building there is a health clinic “Vita-1” with diagnostic laboratories. Experienced doctors of different specialties conduct the periodic screening, and attendance of KGCM staff and members of their families.
   Significant means are put into development and improvement of summer resort “Mechta Altaya”, that is located at picturesque shore of Bukhtarminsky reservoir. Under initiative of President of KGCM T. Chaizhunussov arranged and performed the asphalt paving of soil mountain road, which is leading to resorts of enterprises. There is everything to provide the marvelous leisure – a beautiful nature, the cozy houses among coniferous forest, a fresh air, a bright sun, a clean water, swimming and fishing. Every year during summer vacations over three hundred KGCM employees spend their leisure time at “Mechta Altaya” resort, gathering strength for further creative work.
   Common important goal, cooperative labor and leisure unify our team of specialists, make it more consolidated and stronger. Sensing continuative attention and all-round care, employees devote all the effort and abilities to hard critical labor. Staff of Kazgiprotsvetmet significantly contribute to innovative and social-economic development, high global status of Kazakhstan, participate in social and charity activities. KGCM provides sponsorship to veterans, orphans, disabled persons, assists in development of education, health services, culture and sport, participates in reconstruction of monuments, improvement of street, construction of mosques, churches and other social facilities in cities, settlements of oblast and country.


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