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Quality management system


    With the purpose to achieve a high level of research and development and enhance the quality of design projects, in 2004 Kazgiprotsvetmet adopted a quality management system (QMS of KGCM) and got it certified to comply with the ISO 9001-2000 international standards (the certification was performed by Russian Register Certification Association office in Kazakhstan and IQNet International Certification Network). 


    Every year these organizations conduct inspections to prove that KGCM operates and develops the Quality Management system. In 2009 after a scheduled audit QMS in KGCM was awarded a certificate of compliance with the ISO 9001-2008 international standards. The quality policy is developed for a long-term period while KGCM’s goals are set every year with the processes and procedures being updated as necessary.



  The Quality Management System of KGCM covers the following processes:

 management responsibilities;

information and documentation support;

provision of resources;

 process flow;

improvement system.

  The efficiency of Quality Management System is achieved by continuous improvement of processes that affect the quality of the product. To implement the QMS policies and goals KGCM created physical infrastructure and information bases that meet international standards, good labor and rest conditions for personnel and a computer-based engineering technology is operated and continuously upgraded. Research and engineering achievements are widely applied when designing projects. The staff receives vocational trainings, attends conferences and exhibitions. Experienced specialists share their knowledge with younger ones. Implementing the first principle of quality management – focusing on the customer – is a main condition for successful operation of the company in the market.

  An equally important goal is to comply with the engineering process flow: a clear assignment of authority and responsibility for the quality of design solutions, providing the designing engineers with necessary resources, finding and eliminating the causes for customers’ and state experts’ comments resulting in the continuous improvement of the company performance in every sphere. According to the feedback from foreign and national clients Kazgiprotsvetmet has proved itself as a reliable and knowledgeable partner and issues high-quality and competitive design products making provisions for construction and commissioning of projects to be completed within the specified project periods. The International Union of National Business Ratings has awarded a LEADER OF INDUSTRY certificate to the company.





The objective of “Kazgiprotsvetmet” (KGCM) Kazakhstan Head Design Institute is: оutput of high-quality, professional innovative projects of construction and modernization for metallurgical, mining, chemical, machine-building and other industries, meeting all the customer’s requirements and expectations. Our slogan is: High quality, professionalism, reliability.

    Key strategic objectives of  “KAZGIPROTSVETMET” LTD are:

Rendering the full package of engineering services to customers, in accordance with acting regulatory documents and international standards.

Creating high-quality, high-efficiency, competitive projects in order to commission world class technologies, providing stable and effective plants operation.

Spreading-out the range of projects in sphere of industry and Institute’s field of activities among all the Kazakhstan regions, CIS countries and far-abroad countries.

Provision of stable activity, financial reliability and full-scale improvement of the Institute’s activities.

    Goals and Objectives of “Kazgiprotsvetmet” LTD to be achieved by means of:

- solving first-priority tasks in sphere of quality in order to create high-tech projects;

- long-term experience of the Institute in designing, as well as experience of designing specialists. Continuous specialists training and professional improvement; - flexible response to market’s requirements. Studying, foreseeing, maximum gratification of design goods customer’s needs. Attempts to exceed their expectations;

- cooperation with local and foreign investors, companies, Research Institutes and design companies, advanced technologies and equipment developers and suppliers, state organizations and higher education establishments;

- involvement of all classes of personnel in KGCM quality management system processes and effective use of their creative capacities, responsibility and discipline level increase;

- moral and material incentive for quality improvement and labor productivity increase. Provision of career progress prospects, creation of a comfort psychological climate, labor and recreation conditions;

- regular renewal of all necessary material and technical and informational resources, as well as human resources;

- analysis of the Institute’s activities, and continuous KGCM quality management system improvement.

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